Pukka Herbs Launches Organic Wellbeing Range

1st April 2014

Food supplements designed to naturally optimise daily vitality

Pukka Herbs has announced the launch of its new food supplement range, Pukka Organic Wellbeing.  Based on over 3 years of research and development, Pukka has brought together extensive clinical knowledge with the latest advances in scientific techniques to get the most from the incredible organic herbs they source from around the world.

Pukka is only one of a very few companies in the world applying these advances. Using supercritical extraction and combining this with water-soluble components achieves a more powerful and broad-spectrum result – where Pukka Organic Wellbeing really is POW – powerful, organic and whole-spectrum.

Sebastian Pole, expert herbalist and Pukka Herbs co-founder, comments:

“It is so important that our bodies get the best of what nature has to offer – and that’s exactly what we’ve tried to encapsulate. Nature is at the heart of everything we do and Pukka Organic Wellbeing has been developed to find the purest path possible to help our customers come alive to the potential of incredible organic herbs.”

The new potency has an added benefit – you need to take less to get more. So people buying Pukka get the double plus of the best herbs taken less often to get the best effect.

With the new formulation comes a new look and the new way of categorising by condition. Each box sits together on shelf to create a visually stunning display of colours, flowers and leaves. It’s all part of Pukka’s desire to bring a little colour to people’s lives and bring people, plants and the planet closer together.  “We wanted to bring things alive with colour and the typical Pukka beauty whilst at the same time make it as easy as possible to navigate the category,” says Marketing Manager for Pukka Organic Wellbeing Liz Iles.

The range comprises:

  • Active: Designed to sustain ‘get up and go’. Products include include: Active - made from an organic blend containing tumeric, boswellia and celery seed, Active Oil, and Wholistic Tumeric.
  • Digestif: addressing the everyday needs of the body. Products include: Aloe Vera Juice, Wholistic Aloe Vera capsules, Daily Fibre Plus, Wholistic Triphala/Plus, Natural Balance and After Dinner.
  • Everyday: boosts vitality to enliven the senses. Products include: Vitalise, ManPlus, Wholistic Red Ginseng, Golden Preserve and Lifekind
  • Women: nourishes and supports the particular needs of females.  Products include: Womankind, Wholistic Shatavari, WomanKind Cranberry and Rosewater.
  • Moods: specifically designed to combat the pressures in life come day or night.  Products include: Night Time, Ashwagandha, Wholistic Holy Bail & Illuminate
  • Seasonal: designed to help build a natural, seasonal armoury.  Products include: Elderberry Syrup, Vitamin C, Andrographis, Mushroom Gold, Wholistic Trikatu and Neem Oil
  • Cleansing: naturally, the most powerful way to cleanse the body. Products include: Clean Greens, Juicy Wheat Grass, Essential Spirulina, Clean Chlorella, Glow, Wholistic Neem and Castor Oil

Natural remedies and supplements are steadily gaining in popularity with year-on-year growth in the past 24 months.  More of us are looking to alternatives to boost our wellbeing, and maintain our hectic lifestyles, in the healthiest and most natural ways possible.

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