Image for Pukka is pleased to launch a partnership with Spiezia

Pukka is pleased to launch a partnership with Spiezia

4th March 2016

This Mother’s Day, Pukka is proud to launch a partnership with Spiezia Organic Skincare – a relationship 12 years in the making.

Spiezia’s three key organic skincare products will now include a complementary sachet of Pukka tea, alongside a little leaflet telling the story of how to enjoy the natural synergy of Pukka tea with Spiezia.

In celebration of this new coupling, this month Pukka is giving away 10 pamper packs including all three Spiezia products plus three complementary boxes of Pukka tea. Enter now for your chance to win.

Image for Pukka is pleased to launch a partnership with Spiezia

‘There are certain things in life that you just think, yes - that works. I decided in my early fifties that I only want to work with people I really, really love - the Spiezia team are thrilled to bits.’ – Amanda Barlow, CEO Spiezia Organics

Amanda Barlow is the positively inspiring owner of Spiezia, an organic skincare brand based in Cornwall. With passion and her figurative ‘pants of power’, Amanda drives the brand forward whilst staying true to its heart, which in its most basic form is love.

This is a skincare brand that goes far beyond the skin-deep, aiming to help people to find joy and to feel alive and well. ‘Our products are aimed at reaching the parasympathetic nervous system using organic skincare,’ Amanda says.

Spiezia is used in spas across the UK, and made of only organic ingredients; the products are literally good enough to eat.

With ethics and wellness at its heart, Spiezia Organic Skincare is Pukka’s perfect partner; a synergy that felt clear to Amanda when she first met Tim Westwell at a trade event in 2003.

‘He had wild hair and a very good shirt!’ says Amanda. ‘We got chatting about all sorts of stuff, like our values and the challenges of being a commercial business with ethics.’

It was clear from Amanda and Tim’s first meeting that Pukka and Spiezia had synergy – but with both companies going through a busy and exciting evolution over the years that followed, it wasn’t until 2015 that the partnership was finally ready to be formed.

‘In life there’s always a right time for everything,’ says Amanda. ‘Over the years we have always included Pukka tea in our spa treatment process, and with our rebrand and new packaging this year, we finally felt ready to tell our story together. It’s so exciting – it’s magic.’

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