Pukka welcomes study results

25th September 2016

Pukka Herbs wholeheartedly welcomes the results of a study broadcast on Trust Me I’m a Doctor (BBC2, Thursday 22 September 2016) which reinforce the growing body of powerful evidence that we can influence our genetic potential as well as confirming the many health and wellbeing properties of the common Indian spice turmeric.

However, the ethical and organic herbal wellbeing company is concerned that Trust Me I’m a Doctor viewers may have the impression having watched the show that turmeric is best taken only in food as supplements are ineffective. This is not case with Pukka’s organic turmeric range of supplements. Whilst we of course support eating a healthy diet that includes turmeric, a well absorbed supplement is also a valuable choice.

The study

Researchers in the study observed three groups of people over six weeks. One group consumed a teaspoon of ground turmeric root (Curcuma longa)* every day for six weeks mixed in with their food; a second group were asked to swallow a supplement containing the same amount of turmeric; and a third group were given a placebo. Whilst substantial positive changes were observed in the group who mixed powder into their food, the research found no changes in the groups who took the supplement and placebo.

Pukka is not surprised by this outcome and believes a different result would have been observed had the second group used Pukka Wholistic Turmeric for two reasons:

  1. Firstly, Pukka’s supplement contains natural herbal additions which ensure absorption of turmeric into the body.
  2. Secondly, Pukka uses a special extraction process which not only also aids absorption but also creates a highly potent turmeric supplement.

Extracting the full goodness of turmeric

Curcumin is a well-known active constituent of turmeric. However, in addition to curcumin, turmeric has more than 230 other compounds, most of which are bioactive.

In comparison to normal turmeric powder, Pukka uses a process called ‘wholistic extraction’ to enrich all the beneficial compounds of turmeric to make it more potent whilst at the same time the whole spectrum of the constituent composition of the whole root is captured. Wholistic extraction uses organic turmeric root in super critical extraction (using carbon dioxide) combined with tincture extraction (using water and alcohol) as well as the whole root powder. The process captures both curcumin as well as the resinous and essential oil compounds including turmerones which are known to help absorb the curcuminoids. The end result is a highly potent full-spectrum supplement full of curcuminoids (a minimum of seven times more than in conventional turmeric powder) and all other bioactive compounds found in the root of turmeric which are present in culinary turmeric at much lower levels. Please watch the above video for further explanation.

Ensuring absorption of turmeric in the body

Trust Me, I'm A Doctor’s research demonstrated a well-known fact: taking turmeric with spice and fat aids absorption in the body. Turmeric’s traditional use with black pepper, ginger, milk or ghee reveals an ancient insight into how you can enhance the bioavailabilty and efficacy of the turmeric. It shows how the positive epidemiological benefits of using turmeric powder in the Indian diet (at around 1g/day) may contribute to lower cancer rates, Alzheimer’s and diabetic complications seen on the India subcontinent.

Pukka’s Wholistic Turmeric capsules contains long pepper and ginger whose constituents piperine, gingerol and shogaol have been studied extensively and reported to enhance bioavailability of many plant compounds by promoting more rapid absorption of their nutrients (Atal et al. 2016, Pharmacognosy Res.; 8(1): 56–60).

In addition, the curcuminoids are embedded within a fat soluble matrix gained from the fat soluble supercritical extraction process meaning that Wholistic Turmeric provides a similar effect to the cooking process using fats and spices.

In summary

Sebastian Pole, Pukka’s herbalist co-founder who formulated Pukka’s turmeric range concludes: “Pukka Herbs is delighted to see more evidence of the potential of turmeric to help with modern health problems. Wholistically extracted organic turmeric is a convenient and easy way to get the full benefits of turmeric in a supplement. That using herbs as part of a healthy lifestyle can influence the behaviour of our DNA is equally exciting as it confirms the tenets of traditional herbalism and we welcome more research into this revolutionary field. It’s great to know our future is in our hands.”


* The origin or quality of the turmeric is not defined

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