Clean Green Smoothie

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The power of clean, green plants such as spinach, mint and avocado can’t be underestimated – eating these and other green ingredients is a powerful and easy way to help us to cleanse and detox without the need for faddy diets or starvation.

Rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients that boost both skin and eye health, this re-mineralising smoothie is a fantastic, flavoursome fix for a great vitamin boost.

Spinach – Well known for its nutritional qualities, spinach has always been regarded as a plant with remarkable ‘Popeye’ abilities for helping to restore energy, increase vitality and improve the quality of the blood.

Mint - Mint leaves can help to flush out those nasty toxins from the body. This will add a cool, refreshing kick to your green smoothie.

Aloe Vera Juice - By soothing the lining of the intestines, Aloe Vera juice helps to cleanse and detoxify the digestive system.

Avocado – Avocado is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, which help maintain a healthy, glowing complexion.

Lime - Rich in Vitamin C and bio-flavonoids, lime is an amazing skin rejuvenator. It also helps to protect it from infections and reduces inflammation.

Pukka Herbs Clean Greens powder – Give your green smoothie a super boost with our Clean Greens powder, a blend of super-rich green foods including Wheat Grass juice, leaf, vegetables, seed sprouts, Seagreens®, freshwater plants and digestive herbs.

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1-2 People
Prepare in
10 minutes

What you do

  1. Blend the avocado and lemon or lime juice in a blender.
  2. Add the remaining ingredients, and blend thoroughly until smooth and glossy.