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Meet Tim, Pukka's guiding light

Life – it’s a funny thing. If we sat still for just a moment, with a cup of tea, and thought about how we’ve ended up where we are today, we’d be amazed by all the twists and turns. I certainly am, when I think back to my path to Pukka.

It starts in Blackburn, Lancashire, where I was born. It’s a place made famous by The Beatles as the town of ‘4,000 holes’ – I certainly fell down more than my fair share of them when growing up: from failing my grammar school exams to being the fattest kid in school.

They were tough times. But during my teens I took charge of my life, losing the weight and proving to myself that, with a little persistence, anything is possible.

Bristol’s bright lights

After studying at Liverpool University, I headed south to Bristol to stay with a couple of friends from my hometown. Although I had dreams of a career in architecture, it was not meant to be. Instead, the corporate bright lights of sales called and up the career ladder I went, going from selling office equipment to business change consultancy.

Great things beckoned, I’d built a successful international career and was learning lots – but it wasn’t quite ‘me’. I wanted more meaning, more purpose to my life than merely commercial success; I wanted to make a real difference to the world around me.

Personal setback

It was around this time that my personal health took a setback; I was told I’d have to take painkillers for the rest of my life for a chronic condition that I’d developed. This was far from appealing, so I found a more natural way to manage my health using nutrition, therapy and herbs.

The positive difference natural health made to my life was remarkable – it changed everything. As a result, I embraced a more natural way of living, stepping out of the corporate world ready to find a way to express my new-found passion for nature using my business skills.

The advert in Venue

So I placed an ad in a Bristol magazine called Venue; I thought people who read it would be into a similar ‘natural’ vibe. “Perhaps”, I thought to myself, “There’s someone out there with a creative idea who may need my help?”

Two weeks later I had my response: there was someone out there, and his name was Sebastian Pole.

It was Pukka’s beginnings.

Meet the author

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Tim Westwell, Co-founder

I’m co-founder of Pukka and the one chiefly responsible for managing it all. Like Sebastian, I believe passionately in bringing the wonders of herbs to as many people as possible whilst considering the environment they come from. Thus connecting everything together in a benevolent way so that people, plants and planet live in harmonious balance. I discovered the magic of herbs after an issue with my own health - I realised I could try and live a happier, more conscious life which I continue to aspire to do now - with my family - in the countryside just south of Bristol.

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