Introducing super spice ginger and its benefits

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Like many hot and peppery spices, ginger flourishes in the hottest climates in the world, as though it’s trapping the warmth of the sun’s golden rays and transforming it into amazing infusion of flavour.

Our ginger benefits from being grown on an organic farm in southern India: its the hot and humid landscape that gives our ginger the perfect conditions in which to flourish.

We use this super spice in many of our teas and supplements; explore for yourself with Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey tea, Lemongrass and Ginger tea as well as our Three Ginger tea.

Meet the author

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Sebastian Pole, Co-founder and Herbal Director

I’m Co-founder and Herbal Director at Pukka Herbs. As well as formulating all our organic products, I run my own herbal practice in Bath which I’ve done since 1998. I’m a registered member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association, Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners. All this with the aim of using the principles of Ayurveda (the ancient art of living wisely) to help create positive change and positive health. Inspired by my time in India, I love cooking a vegetarian feast and rely on regular yoga practice and herbal supplementation to keep me well. I am passionate about running a business that inspires positive change and brings the benefit of the incredible power of plants to everyone we connect with. I live on a two acre garden-farm in Somerset where I grow a rainbow spectrum of medicinal and nourishing plants for my bees and family to live from.

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