Evolving the Envelope

You may have noticed some changes to our teas recently. We’ve re-designed all 33 of them and alongside the new look both inside and outside the box, there are some key things about our packaging that in my role as Sustainability Manager at Pukka, I keep a very close eye on.

What’s the story behind our cardboard, the ink we use, the string on our tea bags for example? Over the next few weeks and months I’m going to write a series of articles explaining how Pukka really goes the extra mile to protect our planet as much as we can. But in this first article I’d like to talk about our envelopes – we get so many queries about this and we’ve made some drastic changes to them which is the start of an important journey for us here at Pukka – so here’s the story…

Did you ever wonder why our teas taste so wonderful? Well, it’s not only due to the high quality of the organic herbs, but also due to the envelopes that we use to keep the flavour in and moisture out. We’ve found that the material that works best for this is a paper envelope with a polyethylene lamination. The problem is that once you’ve made your Pukka cuppa, the envelope often gets thrown away.

At Pukka, we don’t like to create waste and there’s only so many flowers artistic Pukka People can make from used sachets – take a look at the pics at the bottom of this article for some inspiration. So the best thing we can do is to reduce the amount of material used in the first place. You might have noticed that our envelopes have changed recently. They’ve not only got a new design, but they are also made up of less material, which gives them a new feel as well as a new look. We estimate that this reduction in packaging will save about 50 tonnes of paper every year.

This is good news not only from a waste perspective, but also from a climate perspective. When you reduce the amount of material used, you reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the manufacture, processing, transportation and disposal of that material. Avoiding the use of 50 tonnes of paper, according to Defra’s 2014 carbon statistics, saves 48.85 tonnes of carbon being released into the atmosphere.

This release of carbon is causing climate change, which is threatening our homes and livelihoods as well as our countryside and wildlife. At Pukka, we’re going to do everything possible to reduce our impact and this includes the decisions we make on our packaging. Next time you drink a cup of Pukka tea, you can also thank our better-for-the-environmental envelope for  doing its bit for a healthy, Pukka Planet.

However, we know we can do better and are working on further improvements. Watch this space for our next upgrade.


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