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Gifts for People, Plants and Planet

Giving is essential to our humanity and the commitment to helping others is embedded in faiths and traditions all over the world. As Fox explains in his article, the gratitude that we experience from giving has a positive impact on our wellbeing, which we enjoy every day at Pukka. Our mission is to have a positive impact on people, plants and planet and we love to hear comments on how we achieve this (and how we can do better!).

The most recent report by the Charities Aid Foundation found that 57% of us in the UK donate to charitable causes in a typical month. Giving is important to us, so it makes sense to choose gifts that also benefit others. Many of us make cash donations to charities as a gift to our loved ones - but what should you look for if you want to give something more tangible.

One easy way is to look for logos on the product or its packaging:

1. Sponsorship of charitable causes

Companies often sponsor charities and, under licence, display the charity’s logo. This means that when you buy a product bearing the logo, a donation is made to the charity on your behalf. The amount of the donation is often displayed on-pack. 

WWF Green

You may have noticed that our Pukka Organic Wellbeing packaging displays The World Land Trust Carbon Balanced logo. This means that the paper used has had its carbon impact assessed and offset through the land purchase of ecologically important forests under threat of clearance. If you buy a product with this logo, you are supporting the work of this pioneering charity to conserve wildlife and tackle climate change.

Eorld Land Trust

2. FairWild or other ethical trading certification

The UK Department for International Development recognises that economic growth is the most important way of reducing poverty in the developing world and encourages fair and ethical business as an important way of achieving this. Ethical trading is based on international labour rights and provides assurance that there is no forced or child labour, safe and healthy working conditions are provided and living wages are paid. When you purchase a FairWild certified product, you are helping to conserve threatened and potentially vulnerable plant populations, protect local ecosystems and sustain the livelihoods of collector communities. For example, collectors of our FairWild licorice in Kazakhstan (which is used in many of our teas) earn almost double the average salary of other agricultural workers and are provided with food and accommodation at the collection site, winter heating for their families, plus health and dental checks and recreation facilities.

Wild Apple

So when you’re doing your gift shopping, look out for gifts that will not only make your loved one happy, but also give to People, Plants and Planet.

Meet the author

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Anne Barr, Former Sustainability Manager

Anne is passionate about making our planet a better place so her job at Pukka was about finding ways for Pukka to do things in an even more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. Anne was with Pukka for 20 months.

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