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Powering up with 'good' electricity

We believe that the health of the plant is intimately linked to our health and happiness on it – and when we started Pukka all those years ago, we made a commitment to have a positive impact, not just on people but on the planet too.

One of the ways in which we’re doing our best to safeguard the planet’s natural resources, and helping to cut greenhouse gas emissions (a leading cause of climate change), is by using renewable energy – also known as ‘good’ energy – wherever and whenever we can.

Welsh rain and Scottish wind

Since our very first offices, we’ve bought the electricity that powers them and our warehouses from Good Energy, a green supplier whose energy comes from only ‘good’ certifiable sources – such as Cornish sunshine, Scottish Wind, and Welsh rain.

‘Good’ electricity is a major factor in cutting greenhouse gases and by choosing Good Energy over the years, we believe that we’ve helped to save over 30 tonnes of carbon emissions – it’s more than a good feeling, it’s what being ‘pukka’ is all about!

Protecting forests with ‘My Forest’

We also make a special effort to work with businesses that use renewable energy in their activities.

For instance, one of our major UK organic herb suppliers is committed to using ‘good’ energy, and has a 10 Kilowatt peak solar panel fitted on its warehouse - this is expected to save 100 tonnes of carbon in its lifetime of use!

In the case of moving our teas and remedies around the world, we strive to make this less harmful for the environment by compensating for emissions with My Forest – a not-for-profit initiative of the Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF).

Through AERF we invest in some of the most threatened forest regions of the world, to protect and re-grow forests.

Recycle, reuse, recover

As well as supporting My Forest and using ‘good’ electricity, we also look for ways to save as much energy as we can; we reuse everything if at all possible – from sourcing reclaimed furniture for our offices, to using waste paper as scrap – and if we can’t, we recycle or compost our waste.

Anything that can’t yet be recycled (bubble wrap for instance), goes straight for energy recovery – a process which converts waste material into energy – at the UK’s first commercial-scale Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) in Avonmouth; which, fortunately, is just around the corner from us here in Bristol.

Long live a healthy planet

It’s no exaggeration to say that this is a crucial time for this beautiful planet we are lucky enough to call home. Scientists predict that if we do not cut carbon emissions now, it will have catastrophic effects for us all in the future.

With over 74% of greenhouse gas emissions currently coming from energy production*, climate change is essentially an energy crisis.

That’s why powering our work on green electricity is so important to us here at Pukka. And we promise that we will continue to switch on with ‘good’ electricity and do everything we can to help tackle climate change, for as long as there is breath in our bodies – and delicious tea in our cups.

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