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Start afresh this January

A new year for us all is here. A time when we think about giving ourselves a rest from the indulgence of Christmas and cleansing our minds and bodies for the year ahead.

It struck us here at Pukka that we often think such a time is about things we should stop. A little less eating perhaps – a little less drinking. And with the end of the holidays a lot less time as we hurl ourselves back into the helter-skelter world of work, school and modern life. 

But the new year is also about renewal – about things we want to start rather than stop. So this article is not about stopping things – it’s about starting them. Starting to look after ourselves a little better by starting to discover a little more about ourselves and our planet.

And to help this journey of discovery we have put together an interactive quiz for all our friends at Pukka Planet. Take the test and you will find out your dosha – the key to unlocking the ancient wisdom used for thousands of years in relating herbs and plants to people. It’s easy and straightforward and you can do it right now.

To learn more about all the dosha types – vata, kapha and pitta - we've taken articles from Sebastian’s book A Pukka Life.

And by understanding more about your dosha you can connect your own wellbeing to the plants and herbs that best suit you. Whether to detox your body or rejuvenate your mind. It all starts and ends with you. 

So make this January a time for starting things – not stopping. And start with you and your own personal journey of discovery. May the new year bring you closer to a peaceful, fulfilled and happy life.

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