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The origins of Chywanaprash & Golden Preserve

Chywanaprash is India's equivalent of our cod liver oil; its a daily nutritious tonic used to help us top up those parts other herbs can't reach. Millions of teaspoons of chywanaprash are eaten everyday in India because of its revered rejuvenating powers.

Its main ingredient is amla fruit (see above image), which is blended with other ingredients and cooked into a paste with honey, sesame oil and jaggery (concentrated sugarcane juice, which has unique nutritional properties).

Golden Preserve

The story of Rishi Chywana, after whom it was named, inspires users to this day.

Chywana was born in a village India a few thousand years ago. He was the youngest in a large family and started life as a weak child, born prematurely, and was teased for being so puny. But he was never teased about his spiritual insights, which were evident from a young age. As was common in ancient India, his innate spiritual qualities determined his destiny to become a wandering monk (ascetic) and he left home at sixteen to seek spiritual enlightenment.

His simple lifestyle further depleted his physical form, but he didn’t mind: he was a monk and needed only to connect with the Great Spirit.

After many years of deep meditation in the Himalaya, he reached enlightenment at the age of 80. His spirit was rich but his body had become old, his voice weak and his energy poor. However, in one of his meditations he had a vision of the future in which he could bring more happiness to the world by living longer, contributing to society and raising well-loved children.

But how was he do this, with his body so weak and wretched? He began to pray to the Ashwin twins, the holders of shakti, the universal energy.

Eventually they came, bringing a pot of herbal elixir. They said, ‘Rishi Chywana, because of your desire to serve humanity we have made you this rejuvenating elixir. It will bring you a strong body, good immunity and potent sexuality.’

One year later Rishi Chywana came down from the mountains a renewed man, married and had a large family. The elixir became known as chywanaprash and its reputation, first mentioned in the seminal Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita written over two thousand years ago, remains unsurpassed.

We developed our Golden Preserve with organic herbs and honey based on this original formula. Its a daily delight or herbal wonder.

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I’m Co-founder and Herbal Director at Pukka Herbs. As well as formulating all our organic products, I run my own herbal practice in Bath which I’ve done since 1998. I’m a registered member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association, Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners. All this with the aim of using the principles of Ayurveda (the ancient art of living wisely) to help create positive change and positive health. Inspired by my time in India, I love cooking a vegetarian feast and rely on regular yoga practice and herbal supplementation to keep me well. I am passionate about running a business that inspires positive change and brings the benefit of the incredible power of plants to everyone we connect with. I live on a two acre garden-farm in Somerset where I grow a rainbow spectrum of medicinal and nourishing plants for my bees and family to live from.

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